WIP-007/Conformance to Immutable Documentation Standard

Title: Conformance to Immutable Documentation Standard
Authors: zeryx
Date Created: Mar 22, 2023

This proposal will define a new concept called Immutable Documentation, and subscribe to the idea that all DAO proposals going forwards should conform to this standard.


All proposals made on WeavrDAO, or by any subDAOs (Threads), must be entirely immutable.
The mechanism to provide this immutability is via ipfs. Today all documents, and images submitted in a Thread proposal, along with the text content (description) of any regular Proposal is stored in IPFS and is considered immutable.

All future Proposal content, including appendicies and other content must be provided in an immutable way, such as through IPFS.

Forum links (which each proposal can reference) can have mutable content, as well as the content of said forum posts can be edited and subject to change.

If there is no significant contests to this proposal, this will go live as WIP 006

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