WeavrDAO Governance Charter

Dear WeavrDAO Community,

I’m pleased to announce that the final draft of the DAO governance charter has been substantially completed, and will now be released to the community for feedback and comments.

This document is a constitution of WeavrDAO which seeks to codify and establish frameworks for how the community should be run and operated, which essentially is the stuff that isn’t coded into smart contracts and more like a Handbook of Practice and the Laws of the land. As this is a Constitution document and that we need to be progressive based on emerging trends and rules, it is expected that there will be changes in the future which may need to be codified and/or clarified, maybe some new policies will also need to be added too. This will be handled via future governance proposals.

Please review the document here and provide your feedback.

One of the very first DAO votes will be to formally ratify this document, so this review period allows a window for all to contribute to creating the future of WeavrDAO.

Let me know if you have any questions.


This is awesome! Very well structured.


It looks great✨


Astounding! looks distinguished and well structured


outstanding work! we are one step closer

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A lot of work went into this!
I would have two suggestions to make:

  1. Mission, etc. :Clarifying the business model
    What I found so far was under “Mission”: “We are on a mission to tokenize 1% of the real estate global market and make it accessible to all investors. We want to live in a world where anyone has access to real estate ownership.” I remember Senad pointing out at some point in one of the chatts that many missunderstood the mission of Weavr and that it was not for Weavr to conduct any real estate transactions but that Weavr facilitates users to do so. I feel this clarity may still be lacking here. Given its a constitution I would not go into too many details, but it should be clearer for the readers from the start what Weavr does.

  2. Code of Conduct: Sanctions
    Regarding Members Violations. It seemed as if there were two different sanction groups here:
    A." Members that fail to adhere to this code will be delivered a warning or directly expelled from the system depending on the nature of the fault."
    B. “Individuals who fail to follow the expected behavior by this code of conduct (including repetitive infractions and gross misconduct) can face disciplinary action including and up to expulsion from the WeavrDAO Discord server and be blacklisted from further participation in the Weavr ecosystem.”

Are “members” different from “individuals” (Members of the DAO vs. Individual users of the service). The decision about the nature and gravity of a violations as well as applying and executing a sanction is at the “sole discretion” of moderators. So no parameters apply (which is probably fine with the majority of cases since they are pretty clear) Further there is an appeal possibility built in against moderator decisions, as " if you have an issue with the moderation of this group or with a moderator please do not hesitate to raise this as an issue.". However, if one is banned and blacklisted, how can one complain against this sanction of a moderator, since this is all in their sole discretion?

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Hello! Thank you for your comments.

  1. The ‘private investment club’ is indeed the new direction going forward. I’ll clarify this in the document.

  2. That’s a good question. It depends on whether we allow external guests into certain areas of our Discord server (which I don’t have the answer to right now) But, we are classifying everyone as either ‘internal participants’ (ie community members + contributors) and ‘external participants’ (maybe guests?). In any case, only members will be able to use WeavrDAO’s services, so the wording can be a bit more aligned - Members shall be used moving forward. To answer your other part, we will need a Workgroup for Community Management’ which will be a dedicated task force for moderation and ombudsmen.

If someone is sanctioned, perhaps we remove access via discord tagging where they are ‘quarantined’ into a dedicated channel with moderators.

With the new implemention going to be in place, how would existing Contributors be compensated for their committed works towards the relaunch? Automatic T2 tag? Or going to be the same with just “onboarded” members?

The system will be largely similar to what we have in place now. Continuous dework tasks and payouts on task completion, or monthly if its continuous.

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