Resignation and Withdrawal as a Member of Weavr DAO

I hereby resign and withdraw as a member of the 12321 DAO LLC, a Marshall Islands DAO LLC (Weavr DAO). I do not wish to receive any token allocations mentioned in the Omnibus resolution and its Amendment resolution. The regulatory issues in my jurisdiction are not suitable for my participation/contribution, and it would be unfair on my part to participate if I can’t give my 100% to the DAO. I am no longer part of the Genesis Team, Current Team or Early Team.

As part of my assistance to Fractional Finance, I facilitated the legal bubble of Weavr DAO with certain operational aspects, it was a pleasure to do so, and I would like to thank everyone for the opportunity. However, I have been unable to participate in this capacity as well for the past couple of months due to my commitments. While I could not give qualified legal advice due to my jurisdictional limitations, it was a pleasure to learn by assisting decision-makers in the past.

I wish @zeryx and the team the best of luck in their future efforts!

CC: @senad.eth @AshleyG_G @Mide @rotorless @tony.stark @arcology

CC: @Abstrucked1 @VecDeque @BillS @Chaslam @Jay_the_Legal_Wizard

Witnessed, will work on ensuring that the ParticipantRemoval proposal capabilityis live as soon as possible for you to propose yourself.

Link for Participant Removal Vote (Lion917): WeavrDAO

Proposal has completed and Executed, so long @lion917 !