Official launch of Weavr Seasons [DRAFT]


This is the WeavrDAO Season 1 Specification Proposal. If this proposal passes snapshot, the following details will fall into place:


  • Season 0 will end December 25th 2022(operations stop on 23rd)
  • Season 1 will begin Monday, January 15th 2023.
  • Guilds, departments, and projects must submit their Season 1 funding requests through the forum by December 15th.
  • Advisor Elections will begin on January 1st.
  • Advisor Elections will end, selecting 3 Advisors January 10th.
  • The Advisory Committee will review funding proposals beginning January 11th.
  • The Advisory Committee will work directly with applicants to finalize their proposal prior to onchain voting on Januarty 15th.

Operational/Governance Changes

  • Pilot Advisory Committee, to be used in reviewing grant proposals and to administrate grants.
  • Pilot director election mechanism for Weavr Mortgage and Weavr Operations, to physically manage Mortgage/Operation accounts and banking access.