Grant Fractional Finance Address Vouching Role

There are several types of participants within the on-chain DAO structure.

Whilst every KYC-verified member (and genesis members) can vouch in 6 new members, there is a special role known in the contracts as Voucher.

Granting this role to an address allows the controller to vouch for an unlimited number of new addresses - and is another feature required to bootstrap the system.

“Bootstrapping” in this case specifically entails vouching for all contributors (without requiring genesis members to burn their vouches), and future wider scale vouching activities as sanctioned by the DAO.

The proposed Voucher is 0x4Db8900cCAaDA8E58508c55689C91fd76C779688, controlled by Fractional Finance.

This permission can be revoked in the future via a Participant Removal on-chain action once sufficient bootstrapping has taken place.

If there are no objections to this we can make a Participant Proposal through the governance interface to make the required on-chain permission changes.




This Voucher role can be revoked and does not affect the functioning of the system. It will be used to enact institutional level vouching, typically directed by the DAO as part of larger agreements or partnerships.

The Voucher account does not provide any ability to subvert verification requirements on full membership.