FrabricDAO Rebrand


There may be an implicit relationship link between Fractional Finance and the FrabricDAO and that is a liability risk to Fractional Finance.

To fully disassociate and to mitigate risk, one potential avenue is to rebrand the FrabricDAO with another name. However this is a major exercise:

  1. The nomenclature of the underlying technology might need to be changed.
  2. The rebrand will effect all areas of the project.
  3. The documentation (in particular the whitepaper) will need to be updated.

All in all this is not a simple task and will take significant resources. I wanted to use this opportunity to soft-poll the community whether this is a viable solution for disassociation.

Let me know what you think!

Would you support this proposal?
  • Yes
  • Needs more discussion (please give your comments and suggestions)
  • No - definitely not

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Oh man

This seems like it’s going to be lot of work. And since it’s needed, we should all try our best to contribute to rebranding.

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Oh wow, alright then.

We are in this together


IMO, this is more like a rebranding which is not an easy step, you have to change everything attached to the name FabricDAO and all, is there no other way ti get through this without changing the name ? Also the name is already registered right ? How does that affect the official documentation for the DAO ?

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I am a newcomer to the DAO but from the context it seems really necessary. Reputational and liability risks between two parties owning to misconceptions has been (and continues to be) a serious issue.

I also come from a brand strategy background, so I will be happy to support the team in this rebranding exercise.


Rebranding is a huge deal and yes i know how important it is. However i believe i think it needs more context around what the options are. Like for example:

Is it a full rebrand?

Are we able to merge most aspects of the brand prior to the new one? (For instance, Frabric Dao- Cloth Estate Dao with a name like that we could use the concept of threads and needles and everything just the name changes).

I’m pretty sure in this case we can’t refresh the brand, because of the nature of the situation.

I don’t know if my rant makes sense, but i would like to see how this conversation progresses and I’m ready to help where I can.

Ps. I know cloth estate dao is a weird name. :confused:


The usual goal of rebranding is to influence a customer’s perception about a product or service or the company overall by revitalizing the brand and making it seem more modern and relevant to the customer’s needs. The good side is it can drive a greater adoption of Frabric’s initiatives. The bad side, is we may lose out on recognition. It may be hard to go back but I wanna be optimistic in every sense, that, it is for good. In essence, how we move forward and beat this issue of rebranding is a big task on our shoulders. We must be on our toes because it wouldnt be easy to beat the pace we have made since inception. Notwithstanding, I am in to help so we can beat the mark.

The rebranding decision might be quit chaotic, but i am positive we have members who are willing to see our dao grow. However i propose we have a rebranding launch, or an advance information to our patronage, investor and every key member involved with frabic. This will have an effect on the progress we have made so far and i assume will extend our official launch date. I believe if we increase our social media presence, we would be able to recuperate easily and fast. Meaning we have to be more convincing in our articles, tweets, graphics, video and have more incentives to lure in more audience. So the question i have for our community is. ARE YOU READY TO BE THE BEST YOU CAN!! If yes then LET’S GO!!!

Dear all,

Thank you for voting and for your comments. The poll is now closed.

There is a consensus to move forward with the rebranding.
This will be the proposed plan on how to go about this exercise:

1. Pre-polling / temperature check [Passed]
2. Soliciting longlist of options for rebranding [We are now here]
3. Establishing shortlist of 2-3 options
4. Brand identity creation of shortlisted options
5. Final poll on selected brand identity
6. Review of all documentation in respect to branding update

To move to the next stage, please continue to use this thread to suggest ideas!
We’d like to suggest this stage be open for a week before moving onto the polling stage.

Here are 2 of them to get started:

Option 1: fbrc / fbrcdao
This is a simple drop of most other letters and vowels and will be a simplification of the brand identity, perhaps also graphically simplified.

Option 2: weavr / weavrDAO
This is a slight departure from ‘Frabric’ but retains principal terminology from the current branding.

Option 3: Commonworks / CommonworksDAO
This is the biggest departure from the Frabric. The rationale behind this is based on the concept of bricklaying, and how each brick is put together to form a wall has a different name. While some of the common ones suggest locality names, I’d like to suggest using the name ‘Common’ to be most applicable to the masses. Masonry is correlated to the project being a fractionalized real estate platform both in terms of its granularity, fungibility and the ability to build great things when they are put together.


Thanks for organizing this Arcology!!
Looking forward to exploring design ideas, we won’t be voting or participating in any decisions.

One thing to keep in mind, is to have a name that translates well into other languages. Frabric was very difficult to translate easily into Spanish for instance.

How about a silk dao, maybe? :grimacing:


Hello @arcology I believe Option 3 will be very well suitable, CommonworkDAO and the whole brick idea is fantastic the only problem with this is that would drift totally from the whole “Frabric” identity and the people or individual that have identified with the “Frabric” name would have to be reoriented about the change of brand identity. But has @zeryx said we need to get a name that we can easily translate and i guess CommonworkDAO goes well with that.

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Okay. I think the second option is nice. For the commonworks, what will we do with terminologies like “thread”.

So I think the second option is cool. Not totally deviating from the frabric brand.

In my own Opinion, does a brand name really have to be translate-able to other languages? I mean there are some brands that go with the specified names without undergoing any name change irrespective of the language.

Yes, you’re right but I believe if it is more translate-able people in other languages will relate better but that’s not even priority.

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How about a name switch to something similar to the historic Medieval age under feudalism. A brand name such as “The Lords” or “Landlords” while investors are referred to as “Vassals”. Though this won’t originally be a replica of feudalism, we could incorporate our own terminologies to make it sort the products we are offering better. Just having something with a historical background could catch much attention IMO. Though not valid.

Nice idea. But it does kinda sound off or archaic, you don’t think?

I suggest not going outside the existing brand, at least, not entirely. So, the second option looks and sounds better imo.

I think option 2 would be a great fit as it is close to ‘Frabric’ , it is something that has the meaning of bringing things together and also aligns with our mission to make real Estate for everyone.

Thank you @arcology for organizing this discussion.

If we want to have a softer rebrand and keep the terminology/concepts used until now of threads and needles etc. the second option weaverDAO would be the best one.
Personally, though, I really really like Option 3 CommonworksDAO, I think the message it gives is powerful and it can be a great way to go.

As far as the @Amadex360 suggestion… I don’t believe feudalism is very aligned with our ethos, so I’d stir clear from any connection to it.