Frabric Genesis Squad - T1 Self-Nomination Thread

Dear all Members,

This is the thread for nominations for T1 status.

Please self-nominate within this thread, with a poll containing whether someone objects to the nominee becoming a T1 genesis contributor.

You can build a poll as part of a reply in this thread for your own self-nomination:

Posts without an objection poll will be disqualified.

Do not use this thread if you have any questions regarding the nomination process. Please direct your questions in the Genesis Squad Guidelines thread. Guidelines are available there also.

Thank you.

This nominations thread will be open until Friday, May 20.


I am self-nominating as a T1 Genesis contributor.

I joined the Frabric at end of Nov 2021 but became a lot more seriously involved since Feb 2022 through initial contributions in the realm of competitive research. Real Estate has been a personal interest of mine and I’d like to see the project succeed.

My contributions to this platform are in the realm of governance (building out initial consensus process), tokenomics (review and setup of different tranches for different functions), compensation (providing research and initial visions of how compensation plans should be structured); and the bootstrapping process (project management), as well as being involved with reviewing/commenting on several aspects of the whitepaper.

I have been tasked to lead the Genesis process and I hope that we can take this process; and the entire project to launch and fruition.

  • Would you OBJECT to arcology to being a T1 Genesis contributor?

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By request of several members,

Below is a poll on whether Maria and James/zeryx should be eligible for the Genesis distribution.

This poll closes at the same time as the thread close, on May 20. If there are no votes by then or no majority under combined number of Yes votes vs No votes, they will be excluded from the distribution.

Should Maria and James/zeryx get a tranche of the initial Genesis token distribution?
  • Yes - consider them both to be T1 contributors
  • Yes - consider them both to be T2 contributors
  • No - do not include both of them in the distribution

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I’ll nominate myself for T1

I’ve been here since Dec 2021 as the community lead. Primary responsibilities include being a steward of the community, facilitating discord onboarding flow, managing the forum (discourse), moderating and in some instances issuing community bans.

Supporting talents and roles are; governance docs + whitepaper support, talent scout/recruiting, assisting in operations design & system execution, doing DD on tooling, task monitoring + comp planning + exec admin functions where required.

  • I OBJECT to coach being T1

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Hi guys, i joined FRABRIC 2021, I was invited by coach and i loved the innovative/unique idea and concept of frabric , so far i have been around in the growth bubble mostly and i have done my part helping maria out in branding (she is awesome btw) and team coordination, it would be an honor to be T1, i will dedicate more time and efforts here as time goes on as i am always Ready to help achieve goals that will yeild positivity.

  • Would you OBJECT to mide being a T1 genesis contributor

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GM everybody!

I (Senad) am self-nominating as T1 genesis contributor.

The Frabric has become my second home since it first got introduced to me by my friends tony and coach back in march of this year. Even though I’m fairly new to the Frabric compared to other genesis members, I’m strongly aligned with our mission and want to help the this project with all of its members succeed.

I’ve contributed to the whitepaper (working together with gruad on the tokenomics section), actively participated in meetings since march and recently introduced the growth bubble to the interest group charter, which aims to bootstrap activities in the general marketing workgroup. I’m looking forward to continue my contributions in the fields of products, token economics, governance, bizdev and research!

  • no objection to nomination
  • I object to nomination
  • I have questions or comments that need resolved before i can vote

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I would like to self-nominate for a Genesis squad T1 nomination.

  • Object to T1
  • Object to T1 would nominate for T2
  • Have further questions and need further discussion before deciding.

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Hey Guys, I am Self-nominating for T1
I’ve been in Frabric since February 2022, and I spend up to 90% of my time on discord in the Frabrc Dao, I always have time for the Frabric. and I’ve contributed to most bubbles in one way or the other, I have helped with Frabric designs, merch, and also other various tasks in the growth bubble and make sure to attend calls. I’ve also contributed majorly in designing the Frabric main website, Product website and other important pages under product bubble and attend the calls.
I love the Frabric and would love to contribute in every way I can to make sure it turns out how we plan.

  • Would you object to Flash being a T1 genesis contributor

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Dear all, I would like to nominate myself for T1. I joined the Frabric in January 2022.

I have been driving the legal bubble as the coordinator since February 2021, and we have been driving the legal efforts required for a successful launch. I have contributed in the following manner:

1. Meetings: I make it a point to attend major product-related meetings. I personally lead all Legal Bubble meetings and the white paper sync call.

2. Legal Documentation (Agreements): I personally contributed to the Agent-Principal Agreement and the website Terms of Service (Mechanism for Contributors). I am also driving other documents such as Real Estate Offer Agreement, Shareholder Agreement (Governors) and Thread Token Prospectus Template (Rights and Duties for each token holder).

3. Legal Bubble Coordination: I coordinate with various contributors to act on deliverables. I also set timelines, budgets and other logistical efforts for the bubble. We have been maintaining healthy participation within the bubble in order to facilitate legal efforts. Recently, we have started investigations as well with respect to setting up the thread system in countries other than Canada (started with US, France, Mexico and Singapore).

4. White Paper: As the legal bubble coordinator, I am leading the white paper from a logistics point of view. I have been collating submissions and also tracking contributions. I work with contributors and drive them to submit the relevant chapters for the white paper. I also contribute to the material risks and disclaimer section.

5. Coordination with the Legal Counsel: I can’t personally act on quite a few legal efforts due to my jurisdictional limitation. Hence, I make it a point to facilitate discussions regarding the legal wrapper and contractor agreements. I also regularly coordinate with the legal counsel to set the legal bubble priorities.

I would like to be part of the frabric for years to come and facilitate its growth. I believe in the protocol and our founders & contributors. With the right efforts, I know we can create an industry-leading product.

  • I support the nomination
  • I want to know more about the work you do and have a further discussion before deciding
  • I would like to object to the nomination

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I am self-nominating as a T1 Genesis contributor.

I believe in the solution the Frabric is providing to the real estate industry and I am glad to be a part of the genesis of this project.

My contributions to this platform has been in the capacity of talent recruitment, dev, and contributor to the whitepaper. I referred Senad and Israel Rex to the Frabric and I am still out scoping for more talents to add value to our mission. I have also been learning the code base, contributing and attending dev weekly syncs and jam session. Also, I am working on the upgrade systems and proposal types documentation for the whitepaper.

  • I support this nomination
  • I object to this nomination

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Hello everyone!

I am IsraelRex, self-nominating myself as a T1 genesis contributor.

Firstly been introduce to the Frabric and its solution to the real estate industry,
by TonyStark in February 2022, and became active in March 2022.
Contributed and still contributing, my Quota in designing the UI/UX of the product and main website.

I believe in this product we are building, and would love to be part be part of this, as
I contribute my part in making our products user friendly, while achieving our goals.

  • Support this nomination
  • Object this nomination

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Sorry for being late to post.

I’m VecDeque, and I joined back before Fractional Finance had any code written. I’ve since written the project’s Solidity, from the initial demo the currently discussed mainnet candidate, tested it to ensure it’s ready, and am coordinating with auditors to ensure it’s as secure as needed.

I’ve also participated in various protocol discussions, doing my best to ensure both economic security and technical feasibility, even if @gruad is definitely the economist of this project (and I am a bit slow at attending meetings).

I’d love to be a T1 Genesis member and continue accordingly.

  • I OBJECT to VecDeque’s T1 inclusion

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I, Ashley would like to nominate myself as a T1 Genesis Contributor. Why you may ask? I’m responsible for the organization of the systems and the small details that make the Dao work. While most of what I do is behind the scenes, I do my best to get involved in as much as I can since I joined the Dao, November of 2021. I look forward to the growth of the community and the launch of the best product yet!

  • I support this nomination
  • I object to this nomination

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See DAO Genesis Squad Guidelines V2 - #13 by VecDeque for why this secondary poll exists. I’m sorry for not presenting myself appropriately above, yet was not here to ask for any tokens, yet rather simple inclusion in T1 as a notable contributor to the Frabric. This may be accordingly dismissable if it’s claimed T1 is truly just for token allocations, as there is a lack of description in the posts above, which may be my fault for not having already, yet I simply wanted the acknowledgement.

I’m adding a support option so it’s possible to measure participation beyond amount of objections, given how late I’m making this second poll.

  • Support nomination to T1, with just 1 token as needed to participate
  • Don’t support nomination to T1, even with just 1 token

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I will nominate myself for T1 after reviewing the nomination criteria.

  1. Have I been contributing actively within the last 3 months to further the core mission and strategic tasks of the Frabric?

Yes, I have attended product design and DAO legal framework design calls, and other calls, and actively contributed to challenge and design the outcomes.

  1. Am I contributing without being given directions from other members?

Yes, I am bringing my knowledge and skills into the calls.

  1. Have I been actively contributing in various calls with vocal participation and feedback on current discourse?

Yes, but not as much as I would like.

  1. Would the team that I am contributing in cease to stop functioning if I didn’t contribute or that the Frabric cannot function as a system without my contributions?

Yes, there could be delays to the frabric launch schedule without my contributions up until now.

  1. Would the Frabric have great difficulty finding a replacement for the various tasks that I have been contributing on?

Yes, there are very few DAO/crypto lawyers and even fewer with bandwidth to spare.

I have thick skin. I don’t take expression of opinions personally. If you don’t feel the vibe, that’s ok, I will see you in T2! Thank you for reading.

  • I don’t feel it, stay in T2
  • Welcome to T1

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