DAOlationships Bubble - Current State & Mandatory

Dear Community Member,

I’m reaching out to you with an update on the current state of the DAOlationships Bubble and a request to you while I’m away.

Firstly, the state of the DAOlationships Bubble:
DAOlationships Notion Page
The notion page has been created based off the content in our genesis agreement. Please make sure to send me the email you use for notion if you plan to get involved with the DAOlationships Bubble, so I can grant you edit access to for example the member matrix.

DAOlationships Bubble Genesis Agreement
This is our genesis agreement to opt in and work together and build powerful relationships with other DAOs. Similar to the current state of our notion page, this document is under construction and a “work-in-progress” that can’t wait for your input! Feel free to check it out while I’m OOO and leave comments or share how you’d improve it.

Secondly, heads up for all of us:
As I was reviewing the DAOlationships Plan document, which is now called Research Phase - June reflecting our mandatory framework, I noticed that there are some misassumptions with regards to the objectives of the frabric. Please check out my messages from earlier today on discord with helpful resources to learn more about tour protocol and don’t forget to read the whitepaper on gitbook once it’s finished. We can’t partner with other DAOs if we don’t understand the protocol and our overall objectives. Discord

I’ll contact one of our community members to fix the doc with you while I’m away and turn each section into its own briefing doc (one briefing doc per DAO). Our mandatory can be found in the flowchart.

Thirdly, active DAOlationships Bubble contributors will be recognised by me through their commitment to master our mission and mandatory as well as the art of self-governance. A team is only as good as its weakest member as we all know. I’ll therefore share some resources with you that can help you developing the right mindset and framework on DAOs, DAOlationships and Working Groups. Make sure to study them while I’m away.

DAO Framework
DAO Practices & Mindest: https://www.daoistry.com/
Coordinating Labor in DAOs: Coordinating Labor in DAOs: The DAO Talent Stack

DAOlationships Framework
Social Capital Theory: Social Capital Theory - YouTube
How to build cross-DAO relationships: https://www.notion.so/bankless/How-To-Build-Cross-DAO-Relationships-Guide-24ea6b651bbc42cc9990eea67b845b40
How to build intra-DAO relationships: https://www.notion.so/bankless/How-To-Build-Intra-DAO-Relationships-Guide-dec324eafc2040689e285490e5fb0c09

Working Group Framework
Discussion Protocols: https://www.gse.harvard.edu/sites/default/files/Protocols_Handout.pdf
How to organise a working group: How to Organize a Working Group | Lara Hogan
Crafting an effective working group: Crafting an Effective Working Group | by Jessica Harllee | Etsy Design | Medium
Feature teams vs. component teams: Feature Teams vs Component Teams [Which one to choose?]
Organising by feature or component: Advanced Topic - Organizing by Features and Components - Scaled Agile Framework
Team topologies - organising teams for fast flow: https://teamtopologies.com/

Feel free to contact me over discord if you have questions. I’ll try to answer as soon as possible. Let’s get to work!!!