DAO Genesis Squad Guidelines V2


I had further discussions with CoachViking and Gruad and this is the proposed plan:

Defining the Genesis Contributors

The list below indicates the current list of contributors in the Genesis Team and therefore eligible for distribution. Those in RED are not eligible for the distribution. From the list, there are 25 eligible contributors. Note that this Genesis token distribution should not be construed as typical compensation.

There will be 2 tiers of contributors:
T1 - critical activity / leadership group;
T2 - everybody else.

Everyone starts off as T2. If someone believes that they should be at T1, they need to self nominate that they are intending to apply for T1, state the reasons why, and be supported by the rest of the membership group. Support can be given via testimonials, and will be ultimately put to a vote with a simple majority once the T1 candidate slate has been formed.

If you intend to apply for T1, please ask yourself objectively the following questions:

  1. Have I been contributing actively within the last 3 months to further the core mission and strategic tasks of the Frabric?
  2. Am I contributing without being given directions from other members?
  3. Have I been actively contributing in various calls with vocal participation and feedback on current discourse?
  4. Would the team that I am contributing in cease to stop functioning if I didn’t contribute or that the Frabric cannot function as a system without my contributions?
  5. Would the Frabric have great difficulty finding a replacement for the various tasks that I have been contributing on?
  6. Have I created, co-authored, or edited significant amounts of content that is being used by the various teams and others in the Frabric?

If the above fits your profile, please make a post to nominate yourself for the T1 Contributor Role. Note that there should not be any more T1s than T2s, and if this ends up being the case, a runoff vote will be carried out and each trailing member eliminated until the T1 group size is less than T2.

The final slate of T1/T2 contributors will be used for distributing the Genesis token tranche.

Genesis Token Distribution
2.5% of the total token supply or 25M tokens will be distributed to the entire group.
50% of the 25M tokens (12.5M) will be for T1 contributors.
50% of the 25M tokens (12.5M) will be for T2 contributors.

Currently all tokens will be vested, with a TBC quantity (8% or 2M suggested as of this writing) of tokens to be unlocked at initial distribution and at every month for X months (12 months suggested as of this writing). Clarification/finalization of these values will be made asap.

V1 Guidelines are here.


This is much stronger than V1 and I think incorporates a lot of feedback.

I think James and Maria should be getting some. It’s their baby, they should be having equity in it. Optics in opting out could be taken as a signal about not believing in the project. This piece needs to be thought about again IMO.

Do we want to do nominations in discord or forum? At this point i’d suggest those logistics should be on the discord with how access is restricted on forums at the moment.


I like how V2 is more inclusive and hands the decision making over to contributors. I do appreciate that, especially after the last call.

My question would be whether genesis squad members should answer those questions using a doc to be upvoted to tier 1 lvl or if these questions are solely meant to let folks self-reflect before proposing to become tier 1 members?

Thank you both for the feedback thus far.

I had thought the same but they explicitly have said that they do not want it as they are getting the tokens anyway by other methods (not to mention potential liability / tax implications) and equity distribution plans. I would defer to them to opt back in if they would like, but at this point the exclusions will remain as-is.

Agreed that for visibility Discord would be the better option right now.

We should set up a channel with a link to this page with the question:

  • Are you applying for the T1 Genesis contributor status? Read up if you are not sure what this means.

Emoji responses will indicate intent. Those who signaled intent need to post in that channel why they should be considered. We will need to keep the channel sanitized to minimize irrelevant messages, so perhaps another sub-channel or thread can be created for discussion.

The questions that I’ve proposed are for self-reflection, although candidates can choose to directly answer to them in their self-nomination piece. Please see above on the methodology on using Discord.

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Here are my thoughts.

  1. We need to be very explicit on who, and how can vote for T1 acceptance/rejection. IMO we should make this vote open in discord poll channel so everyone participates and votes only towards rejection since expecting vote for acceptance might be useless. We can define a rule where if more than X votes (based on percentage of total elegible voters) reject, the individual stays as T2
  2. Since the pool of tokens is larger, the list is so short, and it will be allocated at once instead of two rounds, I believe we can make it a bit more inclusive (perhaps include people who’s been active since December 2021 instead of just the last 3 months), and that should include Viking since he did massive work and still doesn’t hold equity. Next time take equity coach lol.
    I am just worried T1 might end up being only 2 people or T2 might take away the opportunity for a couple of people who I know were very active at the beginning and then life happened.
  3. If you guys think me and zeryx should be there in any level, we can simply let the community decide. We don’t think is right for us to nominate ourselves as that would be very totalitarian and ultimately we are building a community.
  4. How will the final allocation be executed? Are we going with a coordinape like allocation or flat for members on T1 and T2?

I agree with you on this as more effective:

  1. Discord Poll for each individual nominated for T1, with votes for rejection instead of acceptance.
  2. Taking into consideration not everyone will be responsive, and it will depend on the final list of contributors dating back to the agreed point in time, I wonder if that number should be 10-20%. Happy to hear other people’s comments here.

I wanted to point out that there is going to be vesting for the tokens, agreed that it can be more inclusive. However I believe that going back to Dec is too far back, I suggest to use Jan 1 2022 as the cutoff.

CoachViking will be included in the eligible distribution per your request.

We can split the distribution pots to be more like 40-60 or 30-70 but it depends on how many people eventually get onto T1.

We should build a separate poll to ask whether zeryx and Maria should be included with 3 options:

  1. Do not include
  2. Include in T1
  3. Include in T2

That’s a good question. I had initially thought about a coordinape circle between T1 and T2 members, but out of simplicity it might be better to make an equal distribution and reward notable individuals with other targeted compensation outside of this exercise. Open to other suggestions from others.

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I think equal distribution would be best to avoid the bias of votes. I am open to see what other members think.


I agree with January as the date, I’ll make sure to share the list with any additional users here as soon as I can. Let’s see how the final list looks for the percentage definition, although I think this should be set before the final T1 and T2 allocation to maintain things fair. I think 40/60 seems reasonable.

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I think we are in the same page.
10% sounds reasonable as the list is very short and that might translate into 3-4 votes. Let’s see what other people thinks.

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I’d like to see how effective this is…can’t wait


Per comments from Maria on prior eligibility,

This is an updated list of contributors (33).

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For posterity,

@VecDeque was previously listed as ineligible for the genesis token allocation. The founders have clarified that this is not the case and that he can self-nominate for a T1 genesis contributor role (and he did). Only the Founders themselves have explicitly opted out and the community can vote to opt them back in. A poll is currently underway on this particular proposal.

I wanted to get this across for the purposes of correct messaging. Thank you.

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To be clear, I applied having seen this post and seeing I was ineligible for tokens. I applied to be a member of T1 yet not receive tokens beyond 1, as needed to technically participate, just because I wanted to be considered someone who has contributed to that degree. I do not want any tokens from this allocation and am fine officially renouncing any claim to them. I’ll update my post accordingly, with a new poll below the current one, yet the new poll is quite late and may not get responses in time to be appropriately considered.


Thank you for participating in the T1 nominations exercise. The final group of Genesis Contributors are as follows.