Creating the Real Estate Operations Bubble

Proposal: Creating the Real Estate Operations Team for Weavr DAO
Author: Cozeno

Pursuant to discord discussions and the community call on Sept 28th, 2022, there has been a consensus on establishing an inaugural Real Estate Operations team.

The initial responsibility of the team would be to vet proposed properties for the protection of prospective thread token investors. The team would do its utmost to uncover potentials for fraud, property defects, or possible significant losses specific to the proposed property. In lieu of discovering any aforementioned obvious defects that may cause extreme losses outsized to overall market conditions; the RE ops team would give its stamp of approval to a proposed property.

RE Ops would also have an evolving mandate to provide real estate information and research for Weavr DAO. The RE Ops team would develop a robust framework that provides macro economic, sector, country and locale analysis to the thread token investor to better inform their decisions. The RE Ops team seeks to eventually be able to generate a score or grade for each prospective property that investors may reference.

The structure of the RE Ops team is meant to be as open as possible, and everybody is encouraged to contribute to its research. Eventually, we seek to create a system where every DAO member could contribute their unique insight and research; would be tracked for the performance of their prognostications, and be rewarded accordingly for excellent research and calls.

For vetting of property, we will create a multisig with a low threshold (not more than 40% of total members, ⅖, 3/7 etc) that will give prospective properties the stamp of approval. DAO members may self nominate in this post to be part of the inaugural vetting multisig.

We would be thrilled to hear suggestions and recommendations below!


I am posting here to nominate myself for RE Operations team. My name is Alex, and I am a real estate investor/manager based in Boston, Mass. USA. I am a relatively new member to Weavr DAO and I am being brought on board to tokenize perhaps the first property and also server as our first governor. I have served on several multisigs of notable defi protocols overseeing economic and financial aspects and boasts some familiarity with Defi in general. I would be honored and thrilled to leverage my knowledge in real estate and economics to create value for the DAO!

Given that one of the first tasks of this group would be to approve my Boston condo for tokenization, it would be natural for me to recuse myself for that task. Though I would eagerly work with the team to develop a system that is scalable and can reliably screen for a large number of properties.


I am posting here to nominate myself as part of the RE Operations team. I’ve been involved in building a lot of the existing protocol, and have a deep-ish understanding of what’s possible to do with tokens. I’ve also met with a bunch of RE Brokers, and larger RE holders - and have a lot of interest in understanding how to analyze property better!