Community at The Frabric

Being a member at The Frabric is a journey that’s worth to be shared.
Let’s use this forum to share our stories as members of this community to inspire others!

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My time at The Frabric has been an interesting, educative and inspiring one. I remember when I delved into the world of web3. When I began working and learning about DAOs, I could barely bring my words together to share my opinion.

But now, with the engaging community and friendliness of everyone at The Frabric, I am able to have conversations with other members of the DAO. And I have learnt a great deal about real Estate.

The Frabric is one of the few places where your skill set will be appreciated and compensated.

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My journey in the frabric started with a very friendly call from Maria that really helped in making me feel welcomed and gave me a good amount of knowledge about the dao, which helped to find my way around the dao and kick start my participation. I must say the frabric dao is one of the most friendly places to be, where no form of discriminations of either where you’re from or who you are. it has also been a place where every skill and talent is appreciated, put to good use and compensated. I’ve made a lot of good like-mind friends here and I’m happy to be in and with the frabric.