116 Englewood, Boston, MA

Authors: zeryx#1911, cozeno#2037
Squad : Real Estate Operations
Date Created : Oct 4th, 2022
Date Last Updated : Oct 5th, 2022

Full Offering:

The property has been owned by @cozeno for many years and the business model is highly mature. It is currently evaluated at $400-420K range, and rents for $1850 per month, with excellent track record and no vacancies. Monthly costs are $476 for condo fees, and roughly $350 for taxes.

Investment Details
Subject to change, and recommendation

  • Acquisition Cost per assessment value: USDC 410,000

  • Land Development Cost: $0 USDC

  • Expense Budget: 10% of Investment, USDC 41000

  • Governor Management Expense: $95 USD per month

  • Rental Income: $1850 USD Per month

    Needle Target: $451,000 USDC

Inspection Report: Scheduled and ongoing

All things considered, how much would you pledge to invest into this Property? Please comment below what factors influence your decision making.
  • $10 - 99 USDC
  • $100 - 999 USDC
  • $1000 - 9,999 USDC
  • $10,000 - 99,999 USDC
  • $100,000 USDC +

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My pledge is contingent on a passing inspection report and more assurances on title / mortgage info.

I would invest more if the cap rate was higher.

This has been superceded with the following typeform document to gather anonymous interest